RUMOR: Walt Disney World to Begin Enforcing FASTPASS Return Times

Beginning March 7, 2012, you’ll need you may need to take your FASTPASS window seriously, as it is rumored that  Walt Disney World will begin enforcing the times that guests may utilize FASTPASSes.

The FASTPASS system, which allows guests to obtain a ticket for the resort’s most popular attractions later in the day, thus avoiding long stand-by lines, creates a time window during which guests may return and enjoy the ride, normally with a much shorter waiting time.  Previously, it was a well-known fact among Disney fans that guests could return anytime after the window opened, allowing for more flexibility in utilizing FASTPASSes.  However, now, it appears that the window is tightening – back to the original timeframe.  We are hearing that the changes are taking place to prepare for NextGen FASTPASSes as well as the XPass, systems that the themepark is developing to allow guests to make reservations for popular attractions before they ever enter the park.  At this time, the rumored change is only slated for Walt Disney World and not Disneyland.

What are your thoughts about Disney enforcing the FASTPASS window?  Would this negatively impact your style of touring while visiting Walt Disney World themeparks?  Share a comment below.


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2 responses to “RUMOR: Walt Disney World to Begin Enforcing FASTPASS Return Times

  • Personally, I feel it is important for the FastPass times to be enforced. By Disney enforcing the time window, it ensures a shorter wait time for everyone in the FP line. Say a group of 20 who had FP return times for 11:45 and 12:45 all decide to show up at 2:15, everyone who has a return time of 2:30 now have an additional wait time of aprox. 15-20 mins. depending on the attraction. This is not what the system was designed for. Get your FP and arrange the rest of your activities accordingly.

  • It will definitely be interesting to see if this becomes a reality, and how guests will react to it. You bring up a terrific point, and that may by why sometimes you still end up waiting for the most popular rides, even if you have a FASTPASS. Thanks for weighing in on the matter and for reading!

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