Disneyland Enforces Fastpass Times

Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have offered Fastpass tickets for several years, which allow visitors to obtain a ticket for certain attractions and return within a 60 minute window to avoid the longer standby lines.

Since the system was introduced, guests were well aware that the one hour Fastpass window was laxly enforced; park employees would allow visitors to board the rides, even if the time on their Fastpasses had expired. In order to combat this, Disney has enforced a strict Fastpass policy that will require park guests to use their Fastpasses within the one hour window stamped on their ticket.

Says Kevin Rafferty Jr, a spokesman for Disneyland Resort:

As more guests take advantage of Disney Fastpass service, we want to offer everyone the same opportunity to use this popular service.

Earlier this month, both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure put up signs at each ride Fastpass was available, reminding guests that they must return within their designated one hour window.

While the new enforcement policy is designed to give all guests a fair chance to ride the most popular attractions, guest reactions are mixed about this change. Some say that  this switch will prevent the Fastpass lines from getting clogged, while others say they depend on the lax policy and will have to switch up how they plan their days at Disney now that the Fastpass times are being enforced.

What do you think about the change?


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