Walt Disney World to Reduce Evening Extra Magic Hours in 2013

Since 2004, Walt Disney World hotel guests have been able to enjoy the exclusive benefit of Extra Magic Hours. Each night or morning, hotel guests have the opportunity to spend extra time in a designated theme park, which is open either one hour prior to park opening or three hours after park closing exclusively to those with a valid room key from a Walt Disney World hotel. This week, however, Disney announced that this benefit will now be slightly reduced, with evening Extra Magic Hours shortened from three hours to two.

Effective January 1, 2013, Walt Disney World hotel guests will now only have the opportunity to stay in a park with evening Extra Magic Hours for up to two hours after the official park closing time. The official Walt Disney World website has been updated to reflect the new change; in its description of Extra Magic Hours, the site now reads: “Each day, one of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks opens one hour early or remains open up to 2 hours after regular closing time. Additionally, Disney Water Parks offer Extra Magic Hours during select times of year.”

Disney has not yet announced if normal park hours will be extended due to the limited Extra Magic Hours, or if any new perks will be added for hotel guests to offset the change. Will this new change in evening Extra Magic Hours affect your vacation? Leave a comment and let us know.


4 responses to “Walt Disney World to Reduce Evening Extra Magic Hours in 2013

  • Yet another disappointment released by Disney they are really making it hard to want to stay on property by cutting the perks. The DDP already has so many restrictions perhaps next year we will stay off and see if it is as bad.

  • Susan – agreed! It’s definitely hard to see the advantages being cutback. 🙁

  • Problem is Disney has spent years conditioning us to the ‘Disney Experience’. Whether that was the intentional or not, someone at Disney recognizes we are hooked and now they will cut benefits and take things away BUT most if not all will continue to stay on property because the experience is just ‘soooooo much better’ (pure Pavlovian conditioning). I have to admit I’m in that group. I cant imagine staying off site anymore and probably wont. Even with reduced perks – Disney wins (doesn’t mean I have to like it though)

  • We don’t ever use the extra evening hours–makes for late nights and crabby kids. So the change won’t be affecting our usage! Better to cut back something like this to save money rather than raising prices (again) for some other amenity.

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