DisZine operates with a set staff of Disney enthusiasts.

Zane Figg – Zane is a huge Disney enthusiast, with a particular love of the parks. He has traveled all over the world in search of the best Disney experiences and hopes to share many of them with you.


Alison Durkee – Alison is a current student at New York University and life-long Disney enthusiast. A particular fan of the Disney parks and the Muppets, she is also a dancer and loves musical theatre.

Brooke Fehr – Brooke has loved all things Disney for as long as she can remember. She even followed her passion and enjoyed a brief stint as a cast member, where she met her husband, Jeremiah. Especially fond of Epcot and its annual Food & Wine Festival, Brooke also enjoys cooking, reading, and being with Jeremiah and their two small children. She is a frequent daytripper to Walt Disney World, where you can find her often, wondering around, pretending that she’s on vacation in the name of research.

Christi Smith: Christi is a former physician, turned stay-at-home-mom, turned Disney World fanatic. She is the mother of three rowdy children, and the wife of one very understanding “not a Disney fan” husband, who tolerates their frequent travels to Walt Disney World. She enjoys blogging in her minimal spare time and doing occasional freelance work when she really feels like staying up late at night.

Cari Keebaugh: Cari has secretly always wanted to be a Disney princess (or villain, depending on the day). Some of her earliest memories are of traversing Walt Disney World with her wonderful parents, watching for Snow White in the afternoon parade and eating lollipops purchased on Main Street that were larger than her head. Cari earned her PhD in English, specializing in children’s and young adult lit and culture, and the family joke goes that she did so just to be able to spend her life studying (and having a permanent excuse to visit) Disney World. Her very own Prince Charming (who also answers to “Aaron”) is not only charming but also supportive, funny, and smart (he has a PhD in Music History). Much to Cari’s continued delight, he romantically whisks her to the parks for their anniversary every year, where she still watches for Snow White and eats lollipops that are still larger than her head.

Brad Johnson – Brad runs several websites in the Disney space. He visits the parks regularly and is bi-coastal, enjoying both Disneyland as well as Disney World. He enjoys personal finance and investing as well as Disney, which makes him something of an oddity. He also does much of the article editing on the site.


Jessica Kramer-Teheran – Jessica is a Disney parks enthusiast, fashion follower, amateur photographer, animal lover, and coveter of cupcakes. Also a DVC member!

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