1938 Drawing of Mickey Mouse Released From Disney Archives

“Mickey’s Toothache,” a 1938 drawing of Mickey Mouse and his then-nemesis Pete, was recently released from the Disney archives. The drawing was originally part of an unfinished cartoon that was meant to make Mickey a more complete character.

The artwork, created by Ferdinand Horvath, shows Mickey’s nightmarish trip to the dentist. In the drawing, Pete chases after Mickey with some wicked looking tools in hand while an anthropomorphic dentist’s chair attempts to grab Mickey.

This old drawing, which was unearthed just a few months ago, has been hiding in a folder for more than 70 years. When asked if fans could ever expect to see a complete version of Mickey’s Toothache, Disney Archives Director Becky Cline said:

It’s possible. The animation research library still goes back and refers to those older cartoons. … Even though we’re still discovering some of this material for the first time in decades, they’re not lost.


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