Adventures by Disney Announces Norway Itinerary for 2014, Inspired by Animated Film ‘Frozen’

Adventures by Disney has teamed up with the Walt Disney Animation Studios to offer travelers a new adventure to Norway, the country that inspired the animated film Frozen.

The tour allows families to find adventure in activities that inspired Anna, the fearless heroine in the film who tries to find her sister and save her kingdom from an eternal winter.

The eight-day, seven-night Norway adventure follows the footsteps of the Frozen filmmakers as travelers have a chance to see the locations and experience the beauty and people who inspired the look of the film.

Families will have a chance to visit the village of Bergen, which is the real-life inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen. Along the way they’ll meet local storytellers, fishermen, and farmers, and have a chance to dine in a “Bryggen-style” room with a view of the Bergen Harbor.

Other adventures await families as they hike across mystical terrains, explore the capital city of Oslo, raft down a river in Voss, learn Norwegian folk dancing, visit the stave churches that inspired the architecture in the film, and see the natural beauty of Norway in glaciers and fjords.

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