“Beauty and the Beast 3D” Postponed Indefinitely

If you’re waiting for an official release date for the 3D version of “Beauty and the Beast”, then you might find yourself in for a long wait. While a teaser trailer was released in late July of this year for the film’s release in New Zealand, Disney has recently pulled the plug on its plans to re-release the 3D converted 1991 hit movie in US theaters.

News in the past had put a projected release date for the film for Valentine’s Day 2010. Obviously, the film wasn’t released then, and reports had then slated a vague 2011 timeframe for its release. It looks as if now the theater release may not happen then, or anytime soon.

Original plans called for a theater release of the 3D version of the film to be followed by a DVD/Blu-ray release. However, Disney cites a lack of 3D televisions in homes as well as an overall weak acceptance regarding those applicances as part of its decision to shelve the plans.

Despite the disheartening news for fans of the Oscar-nominated film, there is a bit of silver lining. Disney has plans to release a special edition of the movie in October of this year on both DVD and Blu-ray disc.


2 responses to ““Beauty and the Beast 3D” Postponed Indefinitely

  • Minor clarification. To my knowledge, the teasers you refer to are actually for New Zealand and Australia, where I believe the limited engagements are still planning to take place.

    There’s just nothing supporting the argument that consumerism is the issue. It doesn’t appear to be stopping Disney from producing 3D films. The (non-3D) home release of Beauty and the Beast had been planned for some time, there was no anticipated 3D release from WDSHE for the short-medium term as far as I know.

    Indeed the Blu-ray will still be released this October, along with a limited edition Belle doll collector’s edition, books on the film, et al.

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