‘Cars’ Play Set Coming to Disney Infinity

Disney has announced details about the fourth play set coming to Disney Infinitythe video game that features physical figures and virtual worlds akin to Activision’s Skylanders franchise.

In addition to Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles, Pixar’s Cars characters will have their own play set when the game launches. While the first three play sets will be sold in a starter pack for $74.99, the Cars play set will sell individually for $34.99. According to Disney, each play set will add about six to nine hours of gameplay.

When the Cars play set launches, players will enjoy the world, characters like Mater, Lightning McQueen, Holly Shiftwell and Francesco Bernoulli as well as special extras including track pieces and other fun elements from the town of Radiator Springs.

Disney Infinity will launch sometime this June, and we’ll likely see more information about additional play sets as we get closer to the release date. Stay tuned for more information!


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