D23 Expo to Offer New 'StagePass' Event Tickets

The D23 Expo is now just a few weeks away, and the convention is set to offer some extremely exciting events. However, attendees at the previous D23 Expos will remember that with these exciting events come some extremely long lines. In an attempt to combat this issue, Disney recently announced that the 2013 Expo will feature a new “StagePass” system for acquiring tickets to the Expo's smaller events.

For events taking place at Stage 23 and Stage 28, Expo guests will now be able to retrieve a limited number of tickets free of charge each day. Guests can head to a ticket distribution area located between Halls A and B, where they will be able to show their D23 Expo ticket and receive a ticket for one show taking place that day.

Tickets for events that begin between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM will be distributed each day beginning at 9:00 AM until tickets run out. Tickets for events after 3:00 PM will be distributed beginning at 12:30 PM, and guests who have already received a ticket for an earlier event that day may return at that point to get a ticket to a later event as well. Guests must then return with their event tickets to Stage 23 or 28 at least 15 minutes prior to the event in order to guarantee their seat.

No StagePass tickets will be distributed either for events that begin earlier than 11:00 AM or for events taking place in the Arena. However, the Arena will be offering an extra “overflow” location for an additional 2,000 guests to watch a live feed of the presentation that is currently going on.

For more information about the StagePass system and the D23 Expo, visit www.D23Expo.com.

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