Disney Acquires Gaming Startup Rocket Pack

Making good on its strategy to expand into apps and beyond (and away from games tethered to consoles), Disney has acquired Finnish gaming company Rocket Pack, reportedly for somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 to $20 million.

The acquisition positions Disney to develop apps and games using HTML5, which means that games would be playable across more handheld devices and web browsers.

Rocket Pack, which is little more than a year old, just released it’s first HTML5 game, Warimals, which pits dogs against cats in a battle for supremacy.  The company states that its engine will be able to accommadate social multiplayer features, such as virtual currency.  The engine is also compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and most major PC or Mac browsers than those developed using Apple iOS or Android technology. 

Speculation is strong that Disney will use Rocket Pack to develop games for the also newly-acquired Togetherville, its social network geared toward children.



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