Disney Animation Studios Licenses 3-D Software

Disney Animation Studios has joined the steering committee of Mari a software product that now licenses Disney 3D technology.

Mari is developed by The Foundry, however it’s software incorporates portions of Disney’s Paint 3D technology. This is newsworthy because it represents the first time the Disney has licensed its software to an outside company for commercial use.

According to Dan Candela, director of technology at Walt Disney Animation Studios:

The technology group at Walt Disney Animation Studios is proud to have created some of the most innovative software in the industry and we’re thrilled to be contributing technology to The Foundry to make these next generation tools available to everyone. We’re looking forward to expanding our relationship with The Foundry, using their technology to help create 3D paint and texture tools that leverage the best of our mutual technologies.

Paint 3D debuted in 2005’s Chicken Little and has been used in all recent 3D releases including the upcoming film Tangled.

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