Disney Buys Start-Up Music Game Maker Tapulous

The New York Times is reporting that Disney has announced the purchase of Tapulous, a company that makes games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The start-up company is considered one of the more successful companies for creating games for Apple’s platforms.

Both Disney and the Tapulous employees are hoping that they can help each other prosper in the rapidly growing app market. From the article:

“We have been very successful on the iPhone,” said Bart Decrem, chief executive and co-founder of Tapulous. “We have been thinking, ‘How do we position ourselves to succeed?’ And after several conversations with Disney, we could see that we have a shared vision of the future and the iPhone as a mobile platform.”

Music games like Rock Band have been staples of console platforms and Tapulous seems to be succeeding at bringing the same excitement to the hand held devices. The purchase suggests that Disney sees the iPhone and other mobile devices as a key component in their future strategy. This isn’t the first acquisition that Disney has done for mobile gaming companies and they have had significant success with their own offerings.


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