‘Disney Infinity’ Pricing Details Announced

Yesterday, we announced details regarding Disney Infinitythe media giant’s new gaming initiative set to take the world by storm. Today, reports are pouring in with pricing information for the upcoming game. So, how much will you have to pay to get in on the action?

In order to get into the game, you will need to purchase a starter pack. These starter packs will include the game, three figurines and three Play Sets associated with the characters. These starter packs will retail for $74.99.

Additional Play Sets will be sold separately, and will retail for $34.99 each. Disney has confirmed that there will be an individual Play Set for each of the 20 characters launching with the release of the game.

Finally, there will be Power Disc Bundles which give your characters in-game effects to help them progress through the game. These will sell for $4.99 each.

All of these prices are for the U.S. only. Prices for other regions has yet to be announced. Disney Infinity will be released in stores sometime in June.


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