Disney Interactive Launches ‘Citizen Kid’ Web Series

CitizenKidDisney Interactive has launched an original web series, Citizen Kid, that celebrates the potential in all kids and what they can accomplish when they embrace their talents.

The web series is sponsored by Milk and focuses on how parents, grandparents, and other adults can inspire all kids to reach their fullest potential.

“Citizen Kid encourages kids to embrace their interests and talents, and Milk is focused on fueling active, successful days by encouraging families to start every day with milk,” Disney Interactive’s Vice President of Alliances and Sponsorships Josh Mattison says. “With both brands focused on empowering kids and families, this partnership was a very natural collaboration.”

The series features 18 episodes that show kids using ordinary activities like recycling to make the world a better place. Viewers are encouraged to join the Citizen Kid campaign using social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook to share stories about a Citizen Kid they know.

“Social media participation is a huge piece of #CitizenKid,” said Disney Interactive’s Senior Director of Content and Programming Dan Reynolds. “We’re sharing stories of kids we’ve found who embody the qualities of a Citizen Kid, but we know that our fans and their friends have hundreds of thousands of stories to share and that’s where social comes in.”


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