Disney Interactive Puts the Magic of Animation at Your Fingertips with Disney Animated App

For the first time ever, Disney fans can explore the story of Disney animation through interactive illustrations and animation workshops derived from Disney technologies – all on their iPad.

The Disney Animated app gives users unparalleled access to content including text, art, sound, images, interviews, and interactive activities that span all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios history.

“Walt Disney Animation Studios’ top animators, artists and technicians brought their expertise to this app to help create an incredibly authentic experience which represents our studio’s rich legacy,” said Dave Bossert, co-author of Disney Animated and Producer, Creative Director, Head of Walt Disney Animation Studios Special Projects. “We’re excited to show the world the art and technology behind how we make our films and inspire the next generation of animators.”

Using Disney Animated, fan can immerse themselves in content from all 53 full-length animated feature films. They can also examine artifact and artwork and get an exclusive first look at footage, concept art, animation tests, and visual effects from the upcoming film Frozen.

Disney Animated features include, “The Story of Animation” which explains how animated films are brought to life with every illustration on every page touchable and interactive; “Interactive Workshops” which are hands-on interactives that allow fans to experiment with iPad version of authentic Disney animation techniques and share their creations via social media; and “Disney Animation History in One Place” which is a comprehensive timeline of all 53 full-length animated features.

The app also contains more than 750 interactive illustrations including more than 350 high-quality images from Disney’s archives.

Disney Animated is available for $13.99 from the App Store on iPad at AppStore.com/DisneyAnimated. For more information on Disney Animated, visit Disney.com/Animated. The app was created in collaboration with Touch Press, the developer of The Elements and Barefoot World Atlas.

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