Disney Makes Pitch Deal for ‘Stuff of Legend’

Sources have announced that Disney has made a pitch deal for Stuff of Legend, a graphic novel written by Mike Raicht & Brian Smith.

The graphic novel tells the tale of a young boy who is abducted by the Boogeyman in 1944 and enters the closet realm known as “The Dark.” In an effort to save the young boy, his puppy rallies the child’s toys to attempt a rescue mission. When the toys enter the closet, they become larger and much more menacing and engage in a war with the Boogeyman’s minions.

As of this writing, Pete Candeland is set to direct the film adaptation for Disney with Shawn Christensen writing the script. Disney plans to make Stuff of Legend a live-action flick set in a CGI world, much like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.


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