‘Space Mountain’ is First Original Graphic Novel from Disney Comics

space mt comicDisney Comics’ first original graphic novel was inspired by an iconic Disney Parks attraction.

Space Mountain takes readers on an adventure in space that features talking flying saucers, space pirates, and black holes.

The graphic novel is set in the year 2123 and tells the story of two science cadets from the Magellan Science Academy – the good-hearted Tommy Ford (age 11) and the book-smart Stella Macri (age 12). The duo has been picked to join a team of space explorers for a 24 hour mission into the future.

Of course this mission goes wrong and the two cadets must band together with a miniature flying saucer to save all of Space Mountain before time runs out.

Other characters in the story include Professor Tyson Renard, the lead scientist of the time travel mission; Administrator Anne Krell who triggers the team’s disastrous mission when she decides she wants to fix the past and ends up in a twisted reality where she’s the ultimate villain; Captain Benjamin Cole, an adventurous pilot; and Dr. Diana Desoto, who is a role model for young girls who might read the book.

The villain in the novel was inspired by Maleficent and Darth Vader.


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