Disney Star Allisyn Arm is ‘Be Your Own You’ Magazine’s New Cover Girl

Allisyn Arm, a Disney starlet who appeared as Zora on Sonny With A Chance and now appears as a series regular on So Random now appears on the cover of BYOU Be Your Own You magazine.

In addition to appearing on the cover of the magazine, Allisyn also talks frankly about self-esteem, empowerment and the issues facing young girls today in an exclusive interview with BYOU’s CEO Debra Gano. Says 15 year old Arm:

I think one of the biggest challenges for girls today is a new one: cyber bullying. Mean comments posted about you online are not OK. Usually someone is trying to be funny and they often don’t mean what they wrote, and almost always they wouldn’t say it to you in person. If it’s really hurtful, or even threatening, then you need to tell a parent or teacher right away!

As CEO of BYOU, Gano strives to find young role-models for the magazine’s readership, saying that “girls today need as many healthy influences as possible.”

The new self-esteem magazine targets girls ages 7-15 and offers a wealth of information pertaining to self-esteem issues, inner beauty awareness, confidence building and learning to make a positive difference in the world. For more information, please visit www.shopBYOU.com.


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