Disney to Team up with VisitScotland to Promote ‘Brave’

In preparation for the debut of Disney/Pixar’s new film Brave in countries around the world, Disney has joined up with Scottish tourism organization VisitScotland to help promote the film internationally. The partnership marks the first time that Disney has linked up with a country’s tourism organization on such a large scale.

Brave, which is set in the Scottish highlands, uses the voice talents of many Scottish performers, including Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Kevin McKidd and Craig Ferguson. As part of the research for the film, the Pixar team traveled to Scotland to gather inspiration and observe the Scottish surroundings for the new film. Co-director Mark Andrews says:

“During our research, we learned that everything in Scotland tells a story — every stone, tree, mountain — which is why we are so proud that this beautiful country is the backdrop of our film.”

The global marketing campaign will showcase Scotland’s scenery, humor, and culture on an unprecedented scale, positioning the country on the world stage in a way not seen since the film Braveheart. The campaign, which is expected to roll out this summer as Brave prepares for its international debuts, will include digital marketing, events such as screenings and premieres, and joint TV and cinema advertisements across the U.K., North America, and Europe.

“This is an incredible opportunity to extend the reach of VisitScotland’s marketing activity across the world,” said VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay. “This film will be shown in more than 70 countries across the world and will give us the opportunity to convert cinema goers into visitors in the biggest campaign VisitScotland has ever launched. There are very few tourism destinations that get to work so closely with the world’s largest entertainment companies – and this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to put Scotland on the worldwide stage with a whole new audience.”

About the partnership, Tricia Wilber, chief marketing officer of the Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East & Africa said:

Brave takes its inspiration from the majesty and mystery of Scotland and features the voices of many much-loved Scottish stars, so it’s fitting to create a global campaign with VisitScotland to further bring to life the iconic Scottish landscapes and folklore that inspired the film.”

Brave will debut in theaters in the United States on June 22, 2012.



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