Disney World Using the iPad for New FastPass System

Walt Disney World is currently testing their new FastPass system, and now we’ve heard that Disney World employees have been given iPads in carry around the theme park as part of the testing phase.

Guests who have been selected as part of the testing will be given a card that acts as their “ticket” to the FastPass line. When a guest shows up for the ride, they wave their card in front of a special RFID sensor and their information will be sent to a nearby Cast Member’s iPad. Once the card has been scanned, Cast Members will receive a variety of information on their iPad’s including guest name, special events the guests may be celebrating, and whether they’ve shown up to the FastPass line on time.

Testing will end May 15, and information about the new FastPass system will be subject to change. We’ll keep you updated as news becomes available.


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  • The information age is catching up even to Disney. I’m not carrying my Ipad around, but if we can do it with the pad I’m sure we can do it with our cell phones

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