Disneyland Hotel Plans Pool Renovation

Disneyland Hotel will be overhauling its pools to create an even more magical atmosphere for guests at one of the world’s original Disney hotels!

The hotel’s Never Land Pool will be completely made over, with new water slides, a kids play area, cabanas, and more. A new, four-foot deep pool will be built between the Never Land Pool and the water play area, along with a bridge connecting the different sections of the pool.

The theme will bring back memories of Disneyland’s opening years, with Monorail tie-ins and other nostalgic touches.

The pool area, surrounded by three hotel towers and convention center space, will get a major makeover. Here are some highlights:

* Two water slides that look like the original Monorail station at the hotel.
* The slides are 13 and 26 feet tall. (Splash Mountain is about double that size.)
* Younger children can play on a mini slide and bubble jets in another area.
* The pool will stay in the existing Never Land Pool area, but the theme will be removed.
* A new 4-foot-deep pool will sit between the existing pool and new water area, with a bridge over it.
* Six new cabanas will include flat screen TV’s, refrigerators, safes, phones and ceiling fans.
* The existing Cove pool will be paved over and turned into a lawn.

The new water play area, pool and dining locations are scheduled to be completed by summer 2011, and the remodeled Never Land Pool is slated to be completed by summer 2012.

Here’s a video from September about the Hotel’s renovations:


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