Disneyland Paris Launching Fall Recruitment Drive

Last week, Disneyland Paris announced they would be launching a Europe-wide recruitment campaign, which will run until March 30, 2012. The company is looking for 4,000 individuals for a wide variety of positions to help celebrate Disneyland Paris’s 20th birthday.

Positions that talented candidates may apply for include food and beverage, hospitality, hotels and sales and administrative positions in human resources, legal and financial sectors. The first recruitment drive is scheduled to begin in London, October 11-14. Additional dates across the UK will be held throughout November, December and January. In fact, to multiply opportunities for meeting talented candidates, the company will be spending a week in each of four countries (the UK, the French provinces, Spain and Italy) to find the best of the best.

Jean-Noël Thiollier, director of talent and reward at Disneyland Paris, had this to say :

Disneyland Paris’s monthly presence in these countries has created a real meeting opportunity for candidates who want to join the company. We’ve made the decision to take time in order to build a real relationship between the candidates and the company during the initial casting phases.

This recruitment drive marks the largest European recruitment and sourcing campaign ever for Disneyland Paris.


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