Disneyland Resort Cracks Down on Ticket Renting

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure are cracking down on ticket renting – a practice that is against company policy.

Now, visitors who use 4 or 5 day park passes are required to show identification at the gate. Previously, Disney employees would only check identification if a guest seemed suspicious. This new policy came hot on the heels after a story was published about how off-site businesses rent park tickets.

As of this writing, there were at least 9 businesses in the area that rented these multi-day passes. Two of those businesses have since shut down, but others are still around. One business, Best Tickets Here, even took to their Twitter feed to say that despite the recent park changes, they still had tickets available.

Disneyland Resort have set up special turnstiles specifically for guests with 4 and 5 day park tickets who will be required to show identification before entering the parks. The resort will also continue to work on new technology to further put a dent in ticket renting.


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