FastPass to Meet Mickey Mouse Now Available

Visitors to Disney World will undoubtedly love the new meet-and-greet area of Town Square Theater, where they can meet the iconic Mickey Mouse in his new home. However, Walt Disney World is now offering a FastPass for Mickey, so eager fans can skip the queue and jump right in.

The FastPass for Mickey will operate the same way the express tickets for the various rides do. Guests of the Magic Kingdom can pick up a ticket, then come back when the time on the ticket indicates and skip the line to meet Mickey. This convenient feature debuts today, and should please fans who are eager to see Mickey Mouse in his new surroundings.

The Town Square Theater has been completely remodeled with turn-of-the-century decor; there are even interactive posters featuring Mickey as a magician that “come to life” to entertain quests as they wait in the queue lines. With the new FastPass feature, however, you won’t have to!


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