Mickey’s Meet-and-Greet Debuts This Week at Town Square Theater

Last week, we talked about Mickey Mouse’s new permanent home at Town Square Theater, which debuted earlier this week at Magic Kingdom, and yesterday, we gave you the exciting news that FastPass was now available, so you can skip the line for Mickey if you’d like.  Today, we’d like to give you a peek inside Mickey’s new digs, just in case your next trip to The Happiest Place on Earth isn’t scheduled anytime soon.

The re-designed theater, formerly known as Town Square Exposition Hall, will allow park guests the chance to meet with Mickey Mouse and offers several other exciting features.  Sure, it’s great that you can use FastPass – but with the exciting new setting thatDisney Imagineers have dreamed up, you just may want to wait in line.

The theater is beautifully designed in turn-of-the-century decor, and guests can either obtain a FastPass to meet Magician Mickey or wait in the queue. For guests who opt to wait in line, plenty of surprises and fun features await.

Several posters line the walls of the queue line featuring Magician Mickey in all of his magical glory. Observant guests will notice the posters actually come to life! Additionally, there’s a poster featuring Disney’s first successful animated character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – on the poster, he’s billed as “Oswald the Disappearing Rabbit.”

As guests make their way through the queue, they will eventually come to Mickey’s dressing room, where they can meet-and-greet the iconic Mouse himself. Several unique touches, including a crystal ball, a “vanishing” bird in a cage, and a parrot umbrella are also in this room.

Additionally, Town Square Theater will temporarily house the Disney Princesses. Guests who would like to meet with them will need to join a separate queue line, where they will eventually be deposited into a room with plush blue tapestries and a gorgeous mural of forests and a castle.

Once the meet-and-greet has concluded, guests will exit the area into Curtain Call Collectibles, a theater-themed gift shop where guests can purchase souvenirs to take home.

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