Meet Magician Mickey at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater

Families will be very excited to learn about Disney’s plans for the new, permanent home of Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park.

Set to debut sometime in early April, the Town Square Theater, located on Main Street, U.S.A. will be the new home of Magician Mickey Mouse. Guests can go backstage to visit Magician Mickey in his rehearsal room, but it doesn’t stop there; Disney Imagineers have created a truly magical experience that guests will be immersed in the moment they step through the doors.

First, you’ll enter the theater building through the lobby, which serves as a hub for the meet-and-greet queues. You’ll also notice the “Box Office Gifts” gift shop, as well as a restaurant, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

Both Magician Mickey and the Disney princesses will be available for meet-and-greets just past the lobby entrance, and various posters placed throughout the queue line featuring Mickey’s magic acts are designed to enhance the experience even more.

Jon Georges, director/senior show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, says:

“You will recognize the poster style as that of turn-of-the-century magicians such as Houdini, but these posters carry Mickey’s magical touch that can bring them to life and interact with you while you wait.”

As the excitement builds for Mickey’s new home, the Town Square theater seems the perfect spot for a little Disney magic, and a great way to kick off the fun new changes coming to the park with the Fantasyland expansion.


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