Fun New Disney iPhone 5 Cases Debut

Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome our friends from an exciting new website, Mickey Fix!  Introducing you to “all the Disney stuff you never knew you needed,” this has become my go to site for cool Disney finds. As a bonafide iPhone addict, I’m super excited about this feature on Disney iPhone cases that they’ve put together for us!  

Recently, the new iPhone 5 debuted and with it came an avalanche of new, Disney-inspired cases to adorn the hand-held minicomputers.

As iPhones have become more and more an extension of who we are and what we value, iPhone cases increasingly act as bumper stickers, shouting our interests and beliefs to the world. These cases will show off your love of Disney with some style:

The “Death Star Mickey Mouse” case, featured above, advertises excitement for the recent Lucasfilm buyout and the promise of at least three more Star Wars films.

The “Disney Lessons Learned” case trumpets the catchphrases from several beloved Disney films, from staying young at heart to being true to yourself.

The “P. Sherman” case is a reminder of both a great film —- and where to find Nemo. With an awesome bright green color, it’s also a loss deterrent.

The “Buzz Lightyear Boot” case is a playfully sly nod to a great film series. Only true Disney and Pixar fans will be able to place its design.

The “WALL-E” case celebrates Pixar’s first science fiction film about an adorable trash compacting robot. Thanks to clever design, WALL-E’s eye is also the phone’s camera.

In addition to the iPhone 5, all of these cases are available for purchase online for iPhone 3, 4 and 4S, as well as iPod Touch 4. For more information or to view more Disney-themed iPhone cases, visit Mickey Fix.

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