‘Good Luck Charlie’ Holiday Movie a Ratings Winner

Good Luck Charlie:  It’s Christmas, delivered stellar ratings last week during its premiere on the Disney Channel, making it the top live action cable film of the year among total viewers.

The made-for-television movie, inspired by the popular family comedy series Good Luck Charlie, follows the Duncan family as they become separated while travelling to their grandmother’s house to celebrate the holidays.  It’s a race against the clock to get everyone back together in order to celebrate the holiday as a family.

Good Luck Charlie:  It’s Christmas surpassed the success of Disney’s ratings winner from earlier this year, Lemonade Mouth.  While that movie, which originally aired in April, drew in around 5.7 million viewers for its premiere, almost  7 million viewers tuned in to catch the madcap antics of the Duncans and the ever-adorable Charlie.


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