‘Hannah Montana’ Wraps Successful Run Tonight

The show that made Miley Cyrus a household name comes to an end tonite.  After a successful four-year run – has it really only been four years? – Miley Cyrus and her altar ego, Hannah Montana, part ways.

During the final episode, entitled “Kiss It All Goodbye,” Miley has to decide which road to take into the future – go off to college with BFF Lily, or make a Hannah Montana movie.  Hmm…

If you’d like to bid Miley and Hannah farewell, catch “Hannah Montana Forever” tonight at 7 EST on The Disney Channel.  And don’t worry – you’ll still be able to catch reruns of your favorite tween rock star Saturday mornings on ABC Family for now.


2 responses to “‘Hannah Montana’ Wraps Successful Run Tonight

  • @Brooke Fehr, I would think that a magazine dedicated to Disney fans would know this, but Hannah Montana has been on for five years, not four as you mistakenly suggest. Since there were only four seasons for the show, that might confuse you, but those four seasons were actually spread over five years. And the finale IS NOT titles “Kiss It All Goodbye,” it’s titled “Wherever I Go.” “Kiss It All Goodbye,” ran in December.

  • Thanks, Chris, for your thoughtful and detailed comments! As you know, there’s LOTS to keep track of in the Disney space. My reference to four years meant four seasons – sorry for the confusion. As for the mistake about the title of the last show – great catch! Thanks for that!

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