Inside Look at Maurice’s Cottage in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

The Beauty and the Beast area in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom park is shaping up quite nicely, and this week we have some photos to share with you depicting Maurice’s Cottage.

Maurice, Belle’s father, has a home fit for a tinkerer – both inside and out. The roof features mismatched chimneys and a “creative” weather vane, while the ground level sports heart shutters and hand-carved support beams. In fact, Walt Disney Imagineers painstakingly hand-carved and stained each support beam to look like wood. Additionally, the metal used to affix each beam to the house was made to look aged and weathered.

Outside, guests will find a wishing well and a fence that Maurice repaired using random bits of wood he had laying around. On the inside of Maurice’s home, guests will be met with even more exciting details that you’ll be able to see for yourself when the Enchanted Tales with Belle character interaction experience officially opens this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding New Fantasyland as the months progress.


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