‘Jake’s Never Land Pirate School’ App Now Available in Google Play

DisneyJunior-300x225A popular Disney Junior iOS app – Jake’s Never Land Pirate School – is now available for Android devices and Kindle tablets.

Kids using Jake’s Never Land Pirate School app can complete pirate-themed challenges. Some of the challenges include sailing Bucky and Jake around obstacles, navigating Never Land with Chubby, and flying through mazes with Izzy and Skully.

The app also features a Pirate Band challenge where users can learn to play five different instruments and create a pirate song with Bones and Sharky.

Fans using the app can also capture or import a photo to create a personalized pirate face. The Pirate School Captain’s Log will track the class levels completed by users in addition to the Badges of Honors earned so kids can earn their official Pirate Certificate.

The app is available in Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for $2.99.


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