London Street Gets an 8-Bit Makeover as Promo for ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Haven’t you always wanted to live in a video game – at least for a little while? This past weekend, those living near and visiting Brick Lane in London were able to imagine themselves doing just that, as the city street was transformed into an 8-bit paradise complete with pixelated pigeons, a taxi, clouds, dogs…and even 8-bit dog poo, all created by Disney film production sculptor Aden Hynes. The retro makeover was a promo for Wreck-It Ralph, which is being released in the UK on February 8.

Perhaps the gem of the living exhibit was an interactive building. A life-sized replica of Ralph and Felix’s building adorned the side of a real building, and by using the free app “Blippar,” visitors to 8-Bit Lane could play the “original” Wreck-It-Ralph games on their iPhone using the actual building as a backdrop to the game – it appears on your phone as though Ralph and Felix are interacting with the building that is right in front of you (which to me is reminiscent of Disney’s augmented reality toys that were revealed several days ago).

To see the official website and to take a virtual tour, click here.

I think my favorite element is the car that was smashed by an 8-bit wrecking ball. What 8-bit imagery tickles your fancy?

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