Video: New Litwak’s Arcade Commercials Released for ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

The debut of Wreck-It Ralph in theaters is quickly approaching, and for the past few months, Disney has been releasing some fun clips and trailers showcasing footage from the film to hold us over until its official premiere in theaters . Now, Disney has released some footage in a fun new way through creating fake commercials for the three games that audiences will get to explore in the film: Fix-It Felix, Jr., Sugar Rush, and Hero’s Duty. The commercials also advertise Litwak’s Arcade, the arcade that serves as the setting for Wreck-It Ralph.

The first video is the original commercial for the game Fix-It Felix, Jr., which debuted at Litwak’s Arcade in 1982. We love the 8-bit 80’s style of this commercial and the VHS tape feel of the ad, which you can watch below:

The next video advertises Sugar Rush Speedway, a racing game that debuted in 1997. Check out this new commercial below:


Finally, the last commercial is for Hero’s Duty, a brand-new action game that’s debuting right now in 2012:


These commercials serve as a fun introduction to the video game worlds of the film, and we can’t wait to see more of them when the movie finally makes its theatrical debut. Wreck-It Ralph debuts in theaters November 2.

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