Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ to Appear on Food and Oral Health Products as Part of New Marketing Campaign

The Avengers are headed to a kitchen and bathroom near you.

Marvel Entertainment LLC has announced that it is introducing The Avengers brand into food and oral health aid categories in an effort to expand the reach of the superheroes into the consumables arena.

Marvel is working with companies including Nabisco, Perdue, Crunch Pak, Langers Juice, DenTek, and Listerine to bring new products to store shelves throughout the next year and beyond. The idea is to present The Avengers as a year-round brand.

One of the new products in The Avengers line are Perdue chicken tenders in special Avengers packaging. The chicken tenders will debut in Target stores and will rollout to other retailers later this year. The packaging will feature characters from The Avengers, along with biographies and fun facts about those superheroes.

The Avengers franchise has proven that it has the power to cross into all major consumer categories and these latest products are a perfect example of that,” said Mike Jerchower, Director, Marvel Licensing. “Food and health aids are important categories for us as we look to both make serious connections with consumers who want to interact with the brand and look to expand our reach to new areas of retail stores. The Avengers characters represent an active lifestyle and great teamwork, making the Super Hero team a natural fit to encourage healthy habits in kids.”

Next year Nabisco will be introducing Cheese Nips in the shape of Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s mask, Hulk’s fist, and the Avengers ‘A’ symbol. Cheese Nips and Nabisco Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers will also feature Avengers-themed games on their packaging.

Marvel has also partnered with DenTek and Listerine for Avengers branded floss picks and mouthwash. Consumers can find the floss picks at Walmart and Kmart. Listerine is launching its Avengers Assemble mouthwash in January 2014.