New Muppet Character to be Introduced in ‘The Muppets’ Movie

Last week, it was announced that a new Muppet would be joining the cast for the upcoming The Muppets movie. According to actor Jason Segel, who also c0-wrote, produces, and stars in the film, the new Muppet will be his character’s roommate.

At Las Vegas’ CinemaCon, Segal showed a clip of the forthcoming Disney film, and told attendees that he has loved The Muppets since childhood – in fact, he said they were his first comedic influence. Segel’s co-star Amy Adams was also in attendance.

The family-oriented film will hit theaters this Thanksgiving, and focuses on Segel and Adams characters’ goal to reunite the Muppets, who are scattered around the globe.  Look for four new musical acts, in addition to a new Muppet, in this highly-anticipated holiday offering.

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