New Clips from ‘The Muppets’ Debut

We hope you’re getting excited for the debut of The Muppets in theaters on November 23–we know we are! To help us survive the wait for the film’s premiere, Disney has been releasing some fantastic parody trailers that promote the new movie. However, with the final parody trailer already debuting last week, Disney is now releasing some actual clips from the film itself. These short clips make us even more excited for the film’s debut, highlighting Jason Segel, Amy Adams, the newest Muppet, Walter, and of course, some of our favorite Muppet friends.

Below are two of the new clips that debuted this week (Warning: these clips do contain some minor spoilers):

The first clip, “Idea,” features Gary (Jason Segel), Mary (Amy Adams), and Walter in Los Angeles, where Walter reveals villain Tex Richman’s evil plot. The group tries to think up some way to find Kermit the Frog to help them, but not before Walter comes up with another idea of his own:

The second clip, “Muppet Man,” features some of our favorite Muppets, as they don a disguise and make a grand entrance into Miss Piggy‘s office at French Vogue magazine:

To see more exciting clips from The Muppets, check out the Muppets’ official YouTube channel. And be sure to see the The Muppets when it debuts in theaters November 23!

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