Jason Segel Says No to Cameo in ‘Muppets’ Sequel

A few weeks ago, we brought you the news that Jason Segel will not be involved with the creation of the upcoming sequel to The Muppets. However, this week, Segel revealed that he will not, in fact, be involved with the film in any capacity, including making a cameo appearance in the film.

In an interview with IndieWire blog The Playlist, Segel explained his decision to remain completely separated from the film. He explained:

“No, no cameo. It was a very distinct choice on my part. Of course I was asked to do it. I did exactly what I set out to do, if that makes any sense. My goal was never to take over the helm of ‘The Muppets.’ They have people who are better equipped for that. My only goal was to bring back the Muppets that I loved. And I did that. I kinda don’t know what I have left to do in that regard. I like doing these R-rated comedies. I loved working on ‘The Muppets’ but, you know, it took me six, seven years. That’s a lot of time working with puppets. I think I enjoy acting too much to repeat myself in any way. ‘Muppets 2’ would feel like repeating myself and I feel like maybe there would be no upside for me either. Well, it wasn’t as good as the first. I know where to leave it.”

While we’re sad to see Segel go, we’re glad to see him let the Muppets succeed on their own without relying on his involvement. Regardless, we can’t wait to hear more about the new sequel, which is currently being written by Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting new sequel.


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