Screenwriter Nicholas Stoller Reveals Details About ‘Muppets’ Sequel

We let you know last month about a sequel to last year’s hit film The Muppets that is currently in the works, and this week brought some new details about the exciting new project. In an interview with, Muppets screenwriter Nicholas Stoller revealed a bit more of what we can expect for the sequel, which may be arriving in theaters as early as next summer.

According to Stoller, him and director James Bobin began writing the script of the film just a few days ago, and only roughly 13 pages of the script had been written thus far. The film, which Stoller describes as a “comedy caper,” will feature some new Muppets, and, while it may feature a cameo from The Muppets co-screenwriter and star Jason Segel, the story of The Muppets characters Gary (Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) will not be revisited. When asked about the tone of the film and whether it would try and stay true to the Muppets’ past films, Stoller responded:

I think it’s similar to [The Muppets] in that the first one certainly had dramatic connections to the first Muppet movie, but it was a whole new thing, hopefully. This is the same thing. We love The Great Muppet Caper and we love Muppets Take Manhattan and whatnot. So this has some elements of that, but it’s different because it’s in the tone of what James and I like to do.

When asked about the film’s release date, Stoller revealed that while no release date has been set, Disney wants the film as soon as possible, possibly even as early as summer 2013. With both Disney and Stoller and Bobin so excited about the new sequel, we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new film.