‘The Muppets’ Final Poster and Theater Standee Released

The new marketing push for the upcoming film The Muppets hasn’t let up for the past few months, and this week is no exception. While Disney has been teasing us with numerous teaser posters for the film, yesterday brought the release of the film’s final poster. This brand-new poster is the first to include the film’s human stars, Jason Segel and Amy Adams, as well as more prominently feature the newest Muppet, Walter, who plays a key role in the new film. But don’t worry, the poster also gives us a great, detailed look at all of our favorite Muppets, and more! We love the detail in this poster, which even includes some of the more obscure Muppets, such as the Snowths and Frackles. Check out the brand-new poster below (click for larger version):

But that’s not all! Yesterday we were also treated to a first look at the standee for the film, which will be featured in movie theaters. Talk about detail! The standee not only gives us a great look at many different Muppet characters (as well as Segel and Adams), but we love the Muppet details around the picture’s setting, which is presumably Kermit the Frog’s house. Check out the tiny Muppet cupcakes and the “Muppetwood” sign in the background, among many others (click for larger version):

While these new posters seem to signal the end of the teaser posters we love, we know that there must be much more in store for us between now and the movie’s release on November 23, and we can’t wait to keep you updated on it. Muppet Domination is coming! Are you ready?


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