International Poster for ‘The Muppets’ Released

We’ve been seeing some fantastic promotions over the past few months from Disney for the upcoming movie The Muppets, and lucky for us, they are not over yet. Following the release of a teaser poster, several parody trailers, and a full-length trailer, Disney has recently released the film’s international poster. This colorful new poster showcases some of our favorite Muppets in all their glory, making us even more excited for the upcoming film.

An alternate version of the poster was also released, featuring the Muppets’ signature “M” logo:

While the film may be getting a lot of attention for its celebrity cameos and the involvement of performer and screenwriter Jason Segel, this poster reminds us that it is the Muppets who are the true stars of this film. And even though the Muppets’ days of parody teaser trailers may have ended with the full-length trailer’s release, it looks like their tradition of taking on popular films in their promotions isn’t over just yet (Does this poster look familiar?).

The Muppets will be released in theaters on November 23.


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