Final Parody Trailer for ‘The Muppets’ Debuts

We’re less than one month away from the release of The Muppets in theaters, and we could not be more excited! Helping to fuel this excitement have been the fantastic parody trailers that have been released for the film over the past few months, from “Being Green” to the most recent trailer, “The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo.” While the film is only a few short weeks away, Disney has offered us one final parody trailer for the film. And in this trailer, the Muppets are parodying…themselves?!

Yes, this final trailer includes the Muppets not only taking on such films as Paranormal Activity, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and Puss in Boots, but they even parody their own parody trailer. The result, of course, is Muppetational hilarity that makes this trailer a must-watch.

Check out the final parody trailer below:

The Muppets debuts in theaters November 23.

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