‘The Muppets’ Debuts New Parody Trailer: The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo

In anticipation for the release of The Muppets in theaters on November 23, Disney has been treating us to some fantastic parody teaser trailers, using footage from the film to spoof such films as the generic romantic comedy, The Hangover Part 2, and The Green Lantern. But with the release of the film’s official trailer a few months ago, it looked like the days of the Muppets spoofing upcoming films were sadly over. Thankfully, Disney surprised us yesterday with another parody trailer for the film, this time based on the trailer for the upcoming film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The new parody trailer (entitled The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo, of course), is perhaps the most exciting trailer yet, featuring a wealth of new footage from the upcoming film. Be sure to look out for a sneak peek of some of the celebrity cameos in the film, including glimpses of Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez, comedian Sarah Silverman, and the multi-talented actor Neil Patrick Harris. The trailer also features some hilariously self-referential intertitles, blatant cross-promotion, and of course, lots of Muppetational goodness that is sure to make fans even more excited for the Muppets’ return to the movies.

Check out the amazing new trailer below:

We love how much fun Disney is having with promoting this new film, and we can’t wait to see all this great footage come together on the big screen November 23. Bring on the Muppet Domination!

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