The Muppets Launch Facebook ‘Fan-A-Thon’ In Anticipation of New Film

We know most of you out there probably like the Muppets…but do you like them on Facebook? In anticipation of their new film The Muppets, the Muppets Facebook team has launched a brand new initiative: the Muppets “Fan-A-Thon.” This new campaign is the latest in the film’s fantastic viral marketing plan, which has included some excellent parody movie trailers and posters.

The concept for the Muppets Fan-A-Thon is simple: Once their facebook fan page recieves one Bazillion likes, Walt Disney Studios will give fans the chance to attend free advance screenings of the new film. So, for all of you Muppet fans who can’t wait to see The Muppets in theaters on November 23, what are you waiting for? To pledge your Facebook “like” to the Muppets and be a part of the Fan-A-Thon, head on over to the “Fan-A-Thon” tab on the Muppets’ official Facebook page.

Check out this new video to learn more about the Fan-A-Thon, starring none other than Miss Piggy herself:

The Muppets debuts in theaters on November 23.


Photo copyright Disney