Nun Sues Disney Over ‘Sister Act’

It has been nearly twenty years since Sister Act hit theaters, but that didn’t stop Delois Blakely from suing both The Walt Disney Co. and Sony Pictures for allegedly using material for the film from her 1987 autobiography.

The plaintiff has filed suit against the companies alleging “misappropriation of likeness, unjust enrichment and breach of contract,” among other claims. The complaint also says that Blakely was a “young, Black, singing nun serving the street people and youths of Harlem.” The woman then went on to publish her autobiography, The Harlem Street Nun.

The year her autobiography was published, Blakely says she reached out to Tri Star Pictures producer Cynthia Bowles with a three page synopsis of her book; allegedly, the producer mailed back a letter expressing interest in movie rights. However, the claims then go on to state that producer Scott Rudin took Sister Act from Tri Star to Disney and subsequently produced the hit film.

Now, Blakely is demanding an injunction against any further violation of her rights, as well as seeking equitable relief. The studios named in the lawsuit have declined to comment, but we will keep you updated with any developments.


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