Radio Disney & Northbrook Park District Hosting Pool Party

Radio Disney in conjunction with The Northbrook Park District will be hosting a fun-filled pool party later this month at the Meadowhill Aquatic Center in Northbrook, IL.

The Radio Disney Safety Splash will take place Saturday, July 28 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The Radio Disney road crew plans to be there with a DJ, music, prizes and games that focus on water safety.

Jeff Collier, Assistant Manager of Athletics & Aquatics for the Northbrook Park District, says:

This is an opportunity for kids to have fun and play games with music and a brand they’re familiar with and learn some safety tips at the same time. Radio Disney has hosted similar events in other cities, and they make learning about safety fun. This is a positive experience for the kids, the parents and the community.

The event is free with a pool pass or daily admission, and the first 100 attendees will receive free food while supplies last. If you are in the area, this sounds like an event well worth checking out.


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