Recent Survey Reveals the Anatomy of Memorable Vacations; Walt Disney World & Disneyland Take Note

Disney Parks just announced the theme for their new celebration starting in January 2011, “Let the Memories Begin.” What makes vacation memories so special & how do families make those memories? A recent survey conducted by Ypartnership, a travel service marketing firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida reveals some answers.

Two of the most persistent findings were that American & Canadian travelers prove to be big vacation planners & report to think back about family vacations often. The survey, conducted during the months of August and September of this year, also revealed that social media has become a large player in the way families share their vacation memories. Traditional scrapbooks may have become a thing of the past but travelers still find that sharing their vacation memories is almost as important as the trip itself & souvenirs are an important token of those memories.

“The most enduring vacation memories derive from the people with whom the vacation was taken, and vacations taken with both parents and siblings trump all others,” said Peter C. Yesawich, chairman of Ypartnership. “The results also underscore the emerging phenomenon of people sharing memories in ‘real time’ as the events that create those memories actually take place.” (-Disneyland News)

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