Selena Gomez: the Message of New Single ‘Who Says’ is Timely

Selena Gomez’s latest single, “Who Says,” has lyrics that resonate with her fans – and with Gomez herself.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Gomez spoke about her latest single and how it has “inspired” her in daily life.

“Every time I sing this song, I’m like, ‘I feel better already!’ she says of her intensely personal lyrics. “It’s a sweet song, and it’s fun and empowering.”

In fact, when Selena Gomez first heard ‘Who Says,’ she told MTV News “…it completely inspired me.”

Gomez only hopes that her fans will be as lifted by her latest single as she is. In a world where everyone seems to want to bring you down, a song like this can definitely make a difference. As Gomez herself says,

I felt like my fans need this song right now, so I thought it was a sweet message. With bullying, with cyberbullying, with all the negativity that is in high school and dealing with things, you’re already trying to figure out who you are; it doesn’t help when people are constantly trying to tear you down. And I’m dealing with it, of course. I’m going through it as well.

With “Who Says,” Gomez joins an emerging trend among young female singers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Pink, who are releasing songs that celebrate  personal empowerment, and speak to teens everywhere with the message that they are not alone.


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