Sneek Peak of New Disney Channel Series “My Family Tree”

Genealogy and geography are set to come together in a new Disney Channel series to premiere in November. “My Family Tree” will showcase kids from around the country engagingly reporting on their interesting ancestors and roots.

Camera crews for the future series were recently spotted in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with the Gerry family. Though living in Florida, the Gerrys can trace their lineage back to Elbridge Gerry, who was a Marblehead navtive and the fifth vice president of the United States. Noah Gerry, the twelve-year-old star of that particular episode, reported on various town locations related to Elbridge Gerry for the Disney cameras.

A quote from Disney spokesperson Patti McTeague stated that the children featured in the series all “have self-esteem and a gift of storytelling.”

Look for the series to air on the Disney Channel sometime in November.

Read the Marblehead Patch story here

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  • There are thousands of genealogists who are THRILLED with this news of the new program. A group on Facebook called Genea-bloggers has 1200+ members and growing. People may view genealogy as a niche interest, but truthfully, it’s something we all have in common: ancestors and history. This program geared to both will be a great success just as Who Do You Think You Are Has Become. Good for you! And, good for all of us and our kids and grandkids. Thank you!

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