Teaser Poster for Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Released

More details are beginning to come out about Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film Brave, and we couldn’t be more excited. Disney released their first still from the film a few weeks ago, and starting this weekend, a teaser trailer for the film will debut before showings of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 in theaters. Now, Disney/Pixar has released their first teaser poster for the film, a gorgeous portrait of the film’s main character Princess Merida against the Scottish landscape.

This new film will be quite a departure for Pixar, as it is both their first fairy tale and the first Pixar film to feature a female lead. The film will also have a bit of a different tone than what we normally expect from Pixar. About the teaser trailer, director Mark Andrews said:

“What we want to get across [with the teaser] is that this story has some darker elements. Not to frighten off our Pixar fans — we’ll still have all the comedy and the great characters. But we get a little bit more intense here.”

The new poster seems to reflect this darker tone, and also captures some other interesting elements of the film. About the mysterious stones in the poster’s background, producer Katherine Sarafian revealed:

“Those stones are actually a pretty important set in the film. We can’t say what happens there, but they were inspired by an actual location in Scotland that we visited multiple times during our research. It was a very powerful setting for the kind of things we want to have happen in the story.”

Brave will premiere in movie theaters on June 22, 2012.


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