Toy Story Playland Opens at Disneyland Paris

Disney fans now have a whole new way to enjoy Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story” characters in Toy Story Playland, a new addition to the Disneyland Paris Resort. The new land, which opened August 17, is part of the park’s Toon Studio, which already includes attractions from the popular films “Finding Nemo” and “Cars.”

In this new land, guests are able to experience Andy’s backyard from a toy’s point of view. Everything in the land is made out of toys and is scaled to fit a toy’s size. This includes benches made out of dominos, nighttime lighting from oversized holiday lights, and nostalgic toys like Tinkertoys and Lincoln Logs strewn about the land’s wide walkway. The land is also surrounded by an 100 year-old forest with trees that tower above the guests, further reinforcing the feeling of shrinking down to the size of a toy. Chrissie Allen, Walt Disney Imagineering senior show producer, says:

“The landscape naturally reinforces the sense of being immersed in this play world. The new land is planted with beautiful stands of 9-meter-tall bamboo which encloses the land and seals us into our new toy world.”

The land also contains three new play areas, each with their own attraction. “Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop” puts guests into a Green Army Men toy training camp, where they sail up into the air and then drift back down with the help of their “parachutes.” “Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin” involves Slinky Dog chasing his tail around in a circle, progressively getting faster and faster, with guests aboard for the ride. The final ride, “RC Racer!”, launches guests on a remote controlled Hot Wheels car up to the top of a 25-meter half-pipe track. Phillippe Gas, CEO of Euro Disney S.A.S., says about the new attractions:

Once again these new attractions prove our capacity to reinvent ourselves and to create new experiences for all our guests. They should be thrilled by the great attention to detail that makes Toy Story Playland a truly larger than life experience.


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